Friday, October 26, 2007

Budgies budgies budgies!

I think everyone knows what a budgie is? In the USA I think people refer to them as "parakeets" or "lovebirds". This English Needlework magazine thought everyone should sew budgies on everything in 1958.

Click on the image for a giant photo to read text. I've also left the transfers really big, so if you'd like to sew them, I'd recommend clicking for the bigger picture, and then saving the image to your computer, then use your photo editing or graphics program to tinker with it until it's the size you like.

Sorry if the images are a bit crappy, I'm using my camera until I can sort a scanner out.

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sianey said...

Hi Mrs S.B!

I am creating a 1950's box for care homes and people suffering from dementia, here in the UK. One of the subjects is budgies and I wondered if I could use your photos of the budgie patterns and if you could perhaps tell me the resource or any details with regards to (c) info on the pattern?
Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer!
Best Wishes

Sian Rees