Saturday, August 30, 2008

Regarding Vogart

Ditto to Doe-c-doe's post here. If you're a Hoop Love member you can read the discussion in the group. I'm so sad. Hopefully things will become clearer soon.

Inspiration Pic

The Everything Bag, originally uploaded by bianca.cristina.

I love everything about this bag, the colours, the embroidery, the design choice.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun on Rollerskates!

By popular demand, here's the kitty from the set I blogged a few weeks back.

Aunt Martha's vegie melodrama

aunt marthas vegies, originally uploaded by drewzel.

I scanned this one, because I saw it blogged the other week with a different cover, I'll find the link and add it in here. Update : - it was Claudia's blog, the patterns are here.

Crochet time: a "shoulderette" to make

shoulderette, originally uploaded by drewzel.

I might have to re-scan the picture as it hasn't come out very well, it's a rather lovely crocheted shrug. If you click on "original" on the Flickr page, the instructions are clear and easy to read.