Friday, July 25, 2008

Stitchy Stitchy

Stitchy Stitchy, originally uploaded by painter girl.

I just loved this pic!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stitch-a-long #3

summer SAL, originally uploaded by stitchinwitch3.

So much stitching goodness! Click on the photo for a closer look. And I shamefully admit I haven't even started yet.

Stitch-along #2

Another example of Stitch-along beauty! I know this might sound silly, but this one looks so "juicy", it's making me drool!

Mid-Year 2008 Stitch-along #1

Mid-Year 2008 SAL, originally uploaded by rufffledfeathers.

Look at one of the beautiful pieces I found on flickr today for the Embroidery group stitch-along. Blogged at

Remember Hobbytex?

Today's transfers are a recent op-shop (aka thrift store) find. A pack of Hobbytex iron-on transfers, simply marked "No. 302 children designs". They were wrapped up in a plastic bag when I bought them, so I couldn't check what was in there until I got it home, and lo and behold:

More Vogart - a sheet of "Jolly Farmyard Scenes" (aka Vogart 705) and a mixture of kitty and doggy patterns from Vogart 102 and the days of the week kitties. Does anyone know how Vogart patterns ended up being licensed to Hobbytex and Made in Australia*? I know Vogart used to make fabric paint at one stage too... I might have to go a-Google-ing Hobbytex.

I think there's a sheet missing from the pack as the other sheets are marked B, C and D. The third sheet I have I'm guessing is a Hobbytex original, as I've never seen it before, and the designs defintely seem to be geared towards fabric painting rather than embroidery. I like the designs though, they're good and "boyish": sailboats, racing cars, a rodeo rider and an assortment of old aeroplanes.

So if the wee boys in your life don't want a kitteh or a doggie, then I think this Spitfire-like fighter plane is the way to go!

*( the patterns proclaim. I like seeing "Made in Australia" on things.)

PS. Yes, I realise that the flags and the winning cup are still upside down on the first car pic, but I know my stitchy friends have the technology to overcome this.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Just a quick update, sorry for the lack of stitchy goodness lately, I've been on holidays:

But now I'm back and stitchiness will resume shortly. Thanking!