Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And the winner is...

Stacy! Please email me : podbobbins[at]gmail{dot}com with your mailing address.

Here's the pictures to show you it was a fair, out of the hat - well cardboard box - draw.
I'll put a photo of the prize up when I make it all look pretty...but it's a calico tote bag to stitch, stitching transfers, vintage floss, and vintage hankie. And lollies. Hoooray!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Too many watched cooks never sing for their supper

Here's a rather delightful transfer from Superior, simply titled "6 Towel Appliques" which is a bit of a shame, given that the transfers are rather fun. The marketing team at Superior could have taken a leaf out of Vogart's book and claimed that "these designs will put some sparkle and fun back into the kitchen!" or told us that "your kitchen will rise and shine with our cheerful appliques." But no, the envelope back only has stitch descriptions and colour suggestions. So we have: a watched pot never boils, sing for your supper, too many cooks, time to shine, a penny saved, and sugar and spice. The packet also contains the shape transfers for you to add fabric as well. (I think I might give one of these a go actually, they've rather charmed me.)

This pattern combines applique, embroidery and cross stitch, so it's definitely worth giving a go, if you're not a cross stitcher, as the "zany" placement of the text is very forgiving for a beginning stitcher. I'll add "sing for your supper" later, as I think that's the sweetest, but in the meantime, here's "too many cooks". I can relate to this one, as Mr Stitchy is the chef of our household, so much so that when I'm cooking, he can't help himself from pottering around next to me and keeping an eye on what I'm doing. And yes, if you're curious, my stitching is much better than my cooking!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bluebird and roses

...but not whiskers on kittens. Soon it will be Winter in Australia, stitchy friends, and I'm starting to feel it...I'm bolstering myself with lashings of craft books, cups of tea and the comfort of the couch. So my apologies for my absence of late. But you know what always cheers me up? Wee birdies! So here's some more.
These little birds originally came from a mail order advertisement in a newspaper, and happily, whoever originally ordered the pattern kept the newspaper clipping:

" Simple embroidery" from "our new and exciting Needlework book for 1956!"
"So simple, a child could do these embroidery stitches!" "Dozens of other designs to order, all easy, fascinating hand-work!"
You know, I'm willing to part with my 25 cents for my copy of "this wonderful book" right now!

Alas, I think I'd get a "Dear Crazy Person" reply to my letter, if indeed The Daily Review is still at that address in New York. In the meantime, let's enjoy the birdies and rosies and whiskers on kittens...

[click on the picture for a printable size]

What cheers you up, by the way? Leave me a comment on this post by the end of the week (Friday that is), and I'll pick someone at random for a stitchy pressie suprise!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

For wee ones

Today I was tidying up my craft room (it's an endless task) and I thought I'd scan these baby bib designs for you. They're from the same Workbasket sheet as the non-scary clowns and they have the days of the week plus a few little pictures to add with them. So if you've got little ones to make pressies for, some of these would look very sweet on little singlets, onesies or the bibs.

I think the vintage-style toys are charming, do kids still play with wooden elephants on strings, tin tops and have piggy banks?

Animal potholders : the return

Hello Stitchy Friends, I know I've been conspicuous by my absence this week, so I thought I'd pop in with the rest of the disturbed animal potholders for your stitching fun.

Here's the bad kitty about to eat a birdie, "duck dinner" and attack of the bees:

And "first prize" piggy to complete your set: