Thursday, January 24, 2008

By request : for the birds

A veritable deluge of stitching delights here for you this week on the Stitchy Britches! Mostly because my carpal tunnel is giving me grief, so no stitching for me. (The operation is looking more appealing every day.) As birdie love is strong out there, here's some extra birdie designs for you. I'm always happy to check the collection for motifs you'd like to see, but make sure you let me know and show me if you stitch it up!

First one, from the aforeblogged Vogart 703, especially for Claire:

And here are a couple of modern ones that I found at the op-shop on Monday - scanned for Steph:

A little wee bird:
If you drop by, be sure to vote in my sidebar poll - so far "people" are leading! It also lets me know what you'd like to see more of. I seem to be the only punter who voted for "kitties" ...and I didn't dare put "chickens" as an option!

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g said...

oh - I love those vogart 703 birds!