Thursday, February 7, 2008

And now for something completely different

No, I haven't got Monty Python transfers (!) but an odd sheet, that I can only assume came from the Workbasket. It is not numbered at all, so I'm not really sure. Seeing as your menfolk might not be lovign all these floral pillowcases, how about making a tie? (The last time Mr Stitchy wore a tie was on our wedding day, but I digress.) Yes, it's personalised tie time!
Also on this sheet there is cross stitch Bo-Peep and Boy Blue, a "bedroom ensemble" with a heart and daisy design, and a pattern for a "Tulip basket for nut and candy cup". There's also a couple of handy hints:
Do you have difficulty keeping the recipe handy when you are cooking? Place the recipe card between the tines of a fork and put the fork in a glass. This also prevents the recipe from becoming soiled.
Use clear nail polish to stiffen the tip of cord or thread you are using to string beads. Also when shoe laces lose their tips, twist the ends, dip in clear polish and let them dry. This is good for children's shoe laces since they are the ones who lose their tips so frequently.

And of course, there's this "Personalised tie motif" pattern.

Tie Motifs:
Tiny figures are "hobby" motifs to be painted on white or colored ties using textile paints. Stamp or trace figures in desired positions. Color solid on blue, red, yellow or black. Use only one design as preferred.

I haven't ventured into the world of textile paints, but I think these would be fun in outline stitch (maybe minus the flowers) on a dark tie. Or in redwork.

Maybe I'll have to sew Mr Stitchy one and make him wear it!

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