Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ding dong dell

...I'm still not feeling well. Are you sick of me yet? I know I'm sick of me! Which is why this pattern appealed to me today, I'm feeling rather contrary, and quite irritable, so here I am:

This pattern is a Workbasket one (I think) but I'm not really sure, it was mixed up in a bundle of other patterns and already cut. (If anyone knows where it's from and if I need to take it down due to copyright, please let me know.) This pattern stretched my memory a bit, because it's Nursery Rhyme characters for quilt blocks. I understood obvious ones like Little Boy Blue, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, (a sobbing) Little Bo-Peep, Little Miss Muffet, Georgie Porgie, Little Jack Horner (always a favourite rhyme of mine), and also Jack and Jill - here they are:

When I saw this one I immediately thought of the dirty versions of Jack and Jill I've heard in my time, because Jill definitely looks like she's up to something very out Jack! I'm starting to think that Jack falling down and breaking his crown was no accident, and Jill's "tumbling" was just a cover up to divert suspicion. Might have to get Hercule Poirot onto that one.

But there's also Lucy Locket and 10 o'clock Scholar who I don't know anything about. (I suppose I could just Google them, but that'd be cheating.)

And what baffled me was this fellow who's name had been cut apart from his drawing:

I asked Mr Stitchy if he knew who on earth this boy with a soggy cat was, and he informed me that he's from the rhyme 'Ding Dong Dell'... and proceeded to recite it to me. What a terrible thing! What sort of evil child would throw a kittah down the well?! Such is the stuff of nightmares for me, as a wee stitchy and kitty lover! So Little Johnny Stout has now acquired hero status, as a kitty saver, and all round good guy.

[If you're super keen to make them all as a quilt, email me for the other designs. I haven't altered the size of these from the scans in case you want them for kid's pictures or clothes or whatever, so you might have to tweak them a bit.]


Claire said...

That's just reminded me of one of the hankies I had as a child, with the "ding dong dell" rhyme on it - it used to frighten me at the first bit about pussy being in the well, but felt really relieved when I knew it was saved - hurrah again. It's only looking back that I realise how eaily children's emotions can swing. Either that or I had the memory of a goldfish and wouldn't remember the rhyme from the last time I blew my nose! I'd love the other designs if you could email them, or post them - they would look freat as a quilt for my niece x

mslilykoi said...

Aloha from Hawaii:
I was just directed to your awesome blog through Floresita's link to your vintage donkey pattern and I'm so frigg'in excited to have found it! I've adored embroidering for about 5 years now, but I really got into it last year because I had 2 surgeries and wasn't very mobile for 10 months ( I am now though!) It made me appreciate stitching even more. Thanks for your generousity with all the great patterns and your blog - I'm hooked!

Anonymous said...

Thats given my memory a workout. Now I remember who Little Johnny Stout is, I saw him in your photostream and though huh?? If you think about it, some of the stories and rhymes we learnt as kids are pretty barbaric...Hansel and Gretel - child abandonment and witch burning!!

Georgie Love said...

Just a little quick note: the mystery op-shop is sort of behind the Knox shopping centre, so way in the burbs. It's on the Dandenong Ranges side, on (I think) Peakhurst Street? It's calledKnox Community Centre or Service... I was too overwhelmed to take much note of the important details! ;-)

Deepa said...

Great Patterns!! I've been on the look out for a few of them - wanted to come up with something for my 2 year old.Do you have the humpty dumpty pattern? My little lady loves him.And come out of your contrary mood soon.We'd love if you'd be back to your chirpy self ;)