Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Knocked my socks off!

I know this is a vintage focused site, but if you love stitching, check out the work of Benji Whalen. Incredible!
Here's one of his pieces "Endless Summer":

Okay, now back to the lambs and flower baskets.


Claire said...

That's amazing. I really like that Japanese style of tatooing and think it would look great embroidered on something, especially the beautiful fish designs they have x

Claire said...

I commented before I had had a proper look - they're so much better than a real tattoo- you can upick when you get bored - or even change your arm! And less painful!

Miches said...

You might want to delete the third comment... :-)

Drewzel said...

Deleted that comment, not sure what it was, didn't even follow the links. Thanks Miches.