Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some dainty appeal

"...in delicate sprays and tiny motifs. Infant wear and lingerie" proclaims this pattern from American Thread Co. , and to reinforce the point has a drawing of a cute baby...or something approximating a cute baby. I picked this one up as I thought it was rather charming, and I'm guessing it's from the 1920's-30's as it predates the American Thread Co. patterns that are virtual parallel issue of the black bannered Vogart ones from the 1940's. I've read that they published a magazine called the Star Needlework Journal in the early part of the century, but I can't find too much about their patterns. (Any links or info gratefully accepted.)

An exciting pattern it is not, and I don't know much about the American Thread Co. , but they didn't have a fun copywriter working for them, like our pals at Vogart. So I can't promise that these patterns will add gaiety to your life, or win you oodles of praise, but they are pretty. Inside the pattern envelope is a printed sheet with the pattern illustration on one side, and some stitch instructions on the other. The pattern envelope is designed so that it's a generic windowed sleeve, and the actual pattern details are on a loose piece of stiff paper inside. Most economical, American Thread Co.

Here's some floral scrollwork designs, which are quite lovely to add "dainty appeal" to your sewing projects, and they're quick and painless to do. Last night I decided to give one a burl and made a panel for a fabric bag, using some flowers and the phrase "talk to the hand." [Picture tomorrow when it's dry.] So for prettiness or for some subversive stitching, flowers are go!

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Heather said...

locating patterns and thrift stores here in AZ is nearly impossible! I'm jealous that you can so easily pick them up....

Thank you for sharing- the motifs are sweet and simple, great for adding a bit of something special to a quilt block.