Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday - Just clowin' around

Okay stitchy friends, a confession from me : I don't like clowns or circuses. I know there's lots of delightful Enid Blyton type stories of hours of happy fun under the Big Top, but I don't think the animals want to be there, and clowns are just disturbing. When I was a wee stitchy I wasn't scared of clowns so much as my response was "What's the point? You look stupid and you're not funny." (Maybe I was just a brat though.) However, people swallowing knives, magicians, fat ladies with beards, strong men, people eating fire, and flying through the air are fine by me, if they all want to be there...unlike the elephants and lions. Anyway, enough belly-aching from me. And don't even start me on "dancing bears" and the like.

But I know I'm not alone in my mistrust of I was pleasantly suprised when I unfolded this Workbasket sheet and found happy, non-sinister clowns, all drawn with a 1960's sense of joie de vivre. There's about 6 clown designs, intended for quilt blocks. So here's today's pattern, where Happy the clown is trying to "tame" Mr. Lion, but we can tell by the drawing that Mr. Lion is just humouring him, playing along for his own amusement. Roar! (Or possibly Yawn! He looks like that sort of lion.)


floresita said...

That's such a sweet pattern! But I totally agree with you on the "clowns are creepy" thought - I had a substitute teacher as a child that was obssessed with Bozo the Clown. She'd rail about the decline in morality and the dearth of pure child-like entertainment like Bozo. She even did a monologue once about the use of the word "gay" on one of her Bozo records and how it "meant something different" back then. :)

I actually love the word "Bozo" far more than I love clowns. My boyfriend got me into the habit of calling people Bozos when they make me angry and it instantly cheers me up. Try it! It works! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, lion taming... now that always makes me laugh - and even uses the word 'gay'!

"Well, do you have any idea of what you want to do?"
"Yes, yes I have."
"Lion taming!"

Drewzel said...

And you know the way to my heart is through Monty Python..ahhaahahh!

dee said...

thanks for the pattern. today I was going to look at some coloring in pages looking for clowns and wow I found this here - and I hate clowns too. Once while collecting money for the girl guides - a clown thought it would be funny and spat in my collection bucket - I am the only person I know who has told a clown to f.... off