Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Too many watched cooks never sing for their supper

Here's a rather delightful transfer from Superior, simply titled "6 Towel Appliques" which is a bit of a shame, given that the transfers are rather fun. The marketing team at Superior could have taken a leaf out of Vogart's book and claimed that "these designs will put some sparkle and fun back into the kitchen!" or told us that "your kitchen will rise and shine with our cheerful appliques." But no, the envelope back only has stitch descriptions and colour suggestions. So we have: a watched pot never boils, sing for your supper, too many cooks, time to shine, a penny saved, and sugar and spice. The packet also contains the shape transfers for you to add fabric as well. (I think I might give one of these a go actually, they've rather charmed me.)

This pattern combines applique, embroidery and cross stitch, so it's definitely worth giving a go, if you're not a cross stitcher, as the "zany" placement of the text is very forgiving for a beginning stitcher. I'll add "sing for your supper" later, as I think that's the sweetest, but in the meantime, here's "too many cooks". I can relate to this one, as Mr Stitchy is the chef of our household, so much so that when I'm cooking, he can't help himself from pottering around next to me and keeping an eye on what I'm doing. And yes, if you're curious, my stitching is much better than my cooking!

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Claire said...

In my house if I don't cook, we don't eat, so sing for your supper may be more appropriate in the Pinky and Boo household!