Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Superior 140 : 7 kitten motifs

It's time for some DOW tea towels. I love to stitch a kitteh, and these ones are so sweet they will give you the proverbial toothache! Little kittys doing household tasks, we can never get enough of them. Neither it seems could Superior brand transfers, for I have a lot of transfers from that particular company that feature cats.

Kitty is ironing, hanging out the washing (wearing roller skates no less), singing at church, sweeping the floor, mending clothes, having a tea party, and on a tricycle doing the shopping. All the time she has a little friend doggy or a stuffed toy to help her. The relationship between cats and dogs in transfer-land always amuses me, as it has little relation to real life cat-dog interaction. Unless of course, in this transfer below, the doggy is about to come and nip her on her posterior. That would be like my animals - Lola can't see a cat bottom go past without chasing it.

Of course, like all good homemakers, she's providing tea for all (that's one of my founding principles, "tea for all") and little stuffed teddy, kitty and bunny are happy to play along. As the pattern says, these are meant to be for days-of-the-week towels, but they'd look cute on children's quilts or bed linen as well. Whilst I don't want to muscle in on the Vogart hyperbole, in my opinion:
These darling designs are quick and easy to sew, and a choice of gay, bright colours will make your towels come alive and add fun to your modern kitchen. Children will love their own towels stitched with Miss Kitten and her friends, and a set will make washing hands no longer a chore! Just stitch these designs and instantly you will become more attractive, and they will bring good fortune and friends into your life. Your home will be beautiful, your children, beaming with health, rosy cheeked and perfectly scrubbed and well behaved, and your husband will cherish the perfect homemaker that he married.
Ooops, think I'm getting carried away now.... help me!......argh....


lovestitches said...

your husband will cherish the
perfect homemaker that he married...ahahaha if only that all it took! I have GOT to stitch that tea party and frame it for my wall. SO SWEET!!

Drewzel said...

Glad you like it Steph :D

thornberry said...

Too too funny! I almost snorted my coffee. And yes, the designs are definitely very darling.

Heather said...

love the mending one- so sweet!

Claire said...

The tea party is so cute - she looks so happy to be providing tea for all of her friends , when in reality they won't have any and she can have it all to herself - sly kitty!

floresita said...

You are truly infected with the Vogart caption-writing bug now! ;)

I LOVE these darling cats - if you are ever so inclined - I'd love to see the cat in skates pattern. But I am also in love with the cat tea party you posted, which I have to stitch soon! :)

Patty said...

OMG, how cute. My head just exploded. Thanks for sharing these!

MyBigMouth said...

I've always loved the kitten motifs!
They are adorable.
I think I'll do the boy kitty first.

Gina E. said...

LOL!! You are so funny! I have some cute kitten day of the week transfers too, but so far have only stitched one.

Dani said...

Just happened by your blog and couldn't help but notice the vintage transfers...aren't
they the bomb? I just love them and have a few.....not enough....so many patterns, so little time!

smallawei said...