Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Iron On Transfer Pencil tutorial

If you're a newcomer to the stitching thing and are a bit stumped by the phrase: "Just print off a copy, transfer to your fabric and off you go!" (I'm sure I've used those words before.) ...Sparkly Green Knickers has put up a iron on pencil tutorial here. And I think it's fabulous! [Check out her cute scooter design too.]


Heather said...

can I just mention, the Sulky Iron On PENS are WAAAAYYYY easier than the pencil. I posted their virtues here.

hakucho said...

I just saw your toe-up totem socks that you made with my pattern on Flickr :) They look wonderful and I would love to show them off in my photo gallery: http://hakuchogallery.blogspot.com/2007/01/my-knitting-friends-gallery.html

May I use your picture and I’ll add a link to your blog and flicker page?

Thanks so much,
happy knitting :)

Drewzel said...

Heather, those Sulky pencils are rare as hen's teeth over here! I'm dying to try one out!

sparklygreenknickers said...

Thanks for linking to my tutorial! I've had so much blog traffic through this link!
Now I'm off to browse this blog for some inspiration!

Drewzel said...


prashant said...

They went on my to-do list as well.
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daff said...

I will be getting one of these pens, maybe 2, what I would like ... Is a site that will teach me how to do embroidery stitches.
Thanks. x

Anonymous said...

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