Monday, March 10, 2008

Stop and stitch the roses

Yesterday I used a couple of transfers from my Sublime Stitching book and stitched up a simple rose edge on a pillowcase. (Photo to come, the pillowcase is currently out on the line drying.) As I was stitching it, I thought, "What can I do to jazz it up a bit and add a few fancy stitches?" as it was a simple outline design...but then decided against it. And was glad I didn't do any more to it because it was very effective as is. Sometimes we can overcomplicate things, and good designs really don't need too much embellishment.

So in this spirit of simple stitching designs, and as one for the flower lovers out there (I notice they're winning in the poll!)... here's Superior 154 "40 motifs for varied linens and lingerie".

They're all florals from the look of the cover. My copy only has six motifs left in it, and my guess is that there were various sizes of the flowers illustrated on the cover, for pillowcases, towels, cloths, napkins and vanity set. Floral fun:



Pansy (sorry it's sideways!)
...and the Rose.

So I can only share with you these small designs, but again, simple but effective designs are great fun to do for both beginners and advanced stitchers, as they're fast, yet rewarding. And I think that's what the pattern companies of the 30's 40's and 50's had in mind, as your average homemaker wanted to embellish things and enjoy their stitching, but didn't have idle hours to spend on it. As my page footer (taken from The Modern Priscilla magazine) says "Better homes through better needlework"...and who am I to argue?


Anonymous said...

What is it about marigolds that are so appealing? That design's gorgeous.

Norma said...

I really like these. They are simple and will be great for me to practice with.

Arkerchi said...


i am falling in love with your blog and it is bookmarked in my favourite list. may i seek permission to put a link up in my blog too?


paintergirl said...

that rose is so perfect! so classic - just done so nicely!

Heather said...

what a fun pattern!! I love flowers.

Drewzel said...

Thanks folks!
Arkerchi, of course! We love to share!

Blue & White Wear said...

Lovely designs! Thanks so much for sharing them.